Brand Identity \\ Copywriting \\ Advertising \\ Web Site Development and Programming

Cieli di Toscana is a visionary entrepreneurial project that brings together Italy and Brasil, offering luxury car rental services characterised by a philosophy of high quality leisure tourism. The project, conceptualised and developed in Italy, is primarily targeted at South American clients (Brazilians in particular).

IDEM ADV has managed communication activities associated with the Cieli di Toscana project since its official launch.

First of all, we focused on brand identity, designing the logotype (not the name, which had already been chosen by the client) and its corresponding image, as well as integrating the selected graphic within all the corporate communication tools and media.

In addition, we created, designed and developed the first version of the multilingual website, together with managing translations. We also created the communication and advertising materials, with special attention given to printing/typographical activities and production details.