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Brand Identity \\ Advertising \\ Copywriting \\ Packaging \\ Website Development and Programming\\ E-commerce Programming \\ Photoshooting

DotFox is a small business founded by three young men from Siena, whose objective is to assist the training needs of future surgeons, providing them with support and study/training tools, thanks to which they can continue their professional development.

In 2011, DotFox was awarded a prize in recognition of start-up companies from Terre di Siena Creative. Since then – in other words since the very beginning – IDEM ADV has helped these young and far-sighted entrepreneurs build their company image.

We developed DotFox’s brand identity, including the company’s name and logotype. We created the coordinated image, integrating the brand identity into all the necessary communication media, and we designed and developed the corporate website, including its e-commerce features.

Together with the young entrepreneurs who founded DotFox, we also developed content and managed copywriting activities and photo shoots of their products, as well as working on the packaging design and the information and communication materials.