/ GABRIELE BERNI / Candidato sindaco

Brand Identity \ Copywriting \ Advertising \ Website Development and Programming

After winning the coalition primary elections, Gabriele Berni served as the centre-left candidate running for mayor during the Monteroni d’Arbia municipal elections in May 2014.

IDEM ADV worked on Gabriele Berni’s campaign within visual scope, focusing on graphics, on the overall coordinated image and on the creation of all election materials: manifestos and fliers, including fliers for each counsellor candidate. In collaboration with the photographer Carlo Vigni, we also worked on the photo shoots for each candidate.

In addition, we created and developed the campaign Website (on a personal publishing platform), while also customising and managing social media channels. Finally, we were responsible for the press office during the entire campaign. We worked in close contact with Gabriele and with his candidates to articulate and publicise the contents of his programme.

On May 25, 2014, Gabriele and his centre-left coalliton won the Monteroni d’Arbia elections obtaining 62.59% of the overall votes and was elected mayor.