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Montepulciano Tour 3D

Brand Identity \ Copywriting \ Advertising \  Website Development and Programming

In 2013, the Municipality of Montepulciano, in collaboration with the Università degli Studi di Firenze, School of Architecture, launched a regional marketing project through digital media. This was the start of the Motepulciano Tour project, a virtual city tour based on a 3D hyper-real model of the city centre.

IDEM ADV collaborated with the Università di Firenze and with QrSit – the technical partner responsible for the installation of Wi-Fi hotspots – in the graphic design of the project, in the preparation of visuals and communication materials, as well as in terms of strategic consultancy.

We created the Montepulciano Tour brand identity, beginning with the name, the logotype, and the reference graphic guidelines. All of this was integrated into to the necessary communication materials, including advertising and posters displayed around the town.

We also created, designed and developed the website, which interacts with the 3D virtual model developed by the Università di Firenze and features remote virtual browsing in order to provide “digital” visitors who find themselves in the vicinity of Montepulciano with a hyper-real experience.