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Enterprise network – Sienese young entrepreneurs

Brand Identity \\ Naming \\ Advertising \\ Social Media Marketing \\ Web Site Development and Programming \\ Strategic Consultancy \\ Communication Campaign \\ Launch Event

ORA! started in 2013 as a charter of values shared and created by young entrepreneurs from the Province of Siena. In 2014, ORA! became a true enterprise network.

Working closely with Giovani Imprenditori and with their president Federico Minghi, IDEM ADV followed the ORA! project right from its early conception, through the naming, logotype and brand identity development.

We also worked on the coordinated image, integrating the visuals within the necessary communication tools on paper; on the creation and development of the enterprise Website (on a personal publishing platform); and on the customisation of the social media channels. In September 2013 we coordinated the launch of the ORA! trademark, which took place in our SpazioUnoDue, while managing the press office, the photo shoot and the recording of the footage.