University of Siena, Centre for addiction studies – Awareness campaign

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The InSostanza project was developed in 2008 thanks to the efforts and the vision of Giuseppe Montefrancesco MD, director of the then Centre for addiction studies of the University of Siena, today known as the Department for the Prevention of Addictions of the local health authority.

IDEM ADV has been involved with this project since its early conception, so much so that its name, InSostanza, is the fruit of our labour.

Over the years, we have worked with the Centre several times, while also participating in the management of several awareness campaigns (including a campaign on digital media addiction – in 2006 – and one on under-age alcohol abuse).

We recently worked on the InSostanza project creating a series of information materials, including large posters that were displayed around the city of Siena, and a series of infographics on cocaine and gambling addiction.