/ VINARIUS Associazione Enoteche Italiane /

Advertising \\ Graphics \\ Web Site Development and Programming \\ Social Media Marketing

Vinarius is an Italian association founded in 1981 with the goal of promoting and enhancing the value of wine shops as locales where high quality wine can be transformed into an experience. Today, Vinarius brings together over 100 wine shops around Italy, as well as a number of foreign retailers specialising in Italian wine.

IDEM ADV was engaged in a long-term collaboration with the Vinarius association, assisting with the transfer of its image and brand onto new digital media and participating in a number of important events together with the association.

For this project, we created, designed and developed a cutting-edge website which includes a geo-referential map that allows visitors to locate all associated wine shops in Italy. We took care of the graphical customisation and of social media contents updates (social media marketing), while also monitoring web reputation indicators.

Finally, we collaborated with the Vinarius press office during special events, in the production of footage, texts, and advertising materials.